OBOL Continues to Serve During Covid

Hot Cars Kill Dogs

Don't leave your pet in a hot car... even for a minute.

dog pokes its muzzle out of the car window

WARNING: Hot Asphalt Burns Paws

Asphalt can be hot enough to cause second degree burns within 35 seconds. Don't walk your dog on hot days.

Dog with paw pressing out of shelter cage

Help Us Rescue This Fur Baby

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Dog standing on its hind legs behind bars.

Only You...

...can get me out of here.

Donate online or pay by phone: 818-402-6586

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Beautiful lop-eared cat in a cage shelter

Stop Their Misery

We've seen it first hand -- we took this photo. They need your help.

Donate online or pay by phone: 818-402-6586

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Two white dogs in a shelter cage

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)

is a leading animal welfare and emergency relief non-profit organization in California and beyond.

Every month, OBOL helps 1000+ animals in shelters, rescue groups, and wildlife sanctuaries

What sets OBOL apart from other animal welfare organizations?

OBOL_White O with Paw

We "rescue the rescuers" by donating critical pet supplies

like food, treats, blankets, towels, beds, crates, leashes, collars, toys, and medical supplies

OBOL_White O with Paw

We also help pets of the homeless and struggling pet owners

including veterans, seniors, the disabled, and low-income families

OBOL_White O with Paw

OBOL is on-call for emergency relief

for natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, and the pandemic

Shelter dog before services from OBOL


We believe that no animal should be abused, neglected, or abandoned

spending its existence in fear, pain, and hunger

Instead, animals have the right to live a life filled with love and compassion.


Since 2008, OBOL has helped organizations and individuals including:

animal rescue groups
foster caretakers
animal shelters
students receiving humane education
homeless people with pets
agencies that serve homeless people with pets

A big thank you to our supporters!
We would not be able to help over 12,000 homeless dogs and cats a year without you!

Our success depends on your financial donations, which allow OBOL to offer free resources that help suffering homeless animals find forever homes.

Watch How We Help Rescue Groups That Depend On Our Services

Blankets Can Save Lives

Shelter kittens before services from OBOL


Shelters Have No Budget for Bedding

In many shelters, pets lay on cold, cement floors--nothing cushioning their joints or keeping them cozy and warm. These animals feel anxious and are often scared of people.

OBOL Makes Animals More Adoptable

Soft comfort items like blankets, towels, and pet beds help homeless animals relax and provide a home-like setting, making it easier for prospective adoptive parents to imagine the pet in their home.

Kittens after services from OBOL



If you are in need of pet food and supplies,
call or text (818) 402-6584 for more information!

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OBOL is proudly supported by Doris Day Animal Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, and Greater Good

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OBOL has been featured in number of publications and on television

Easy Ways to Help Save Homeless Animals

Shop AmazonSmile

With AmazonSmile, 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to OBOL at no additional cost to you. Just select Operation Blankets of Love as your charity of choice.

Host a Collection Drive

Be part of the solution for animal homelessness by collecting dog and cat food/treats, new or gently used blankets, towels, pet beds, toys, and any other pet-related items.

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OBOL is Green Friendly
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