Meet OBOL’s Newest Animal Ambassador, Ginger

OBOL Animal Ambassador Ginger

From Ginger’s dad Joey

My wife Rose, and I have been adopting pets since we’ve been together . . . 1972. At one point we had 3 cats, 2 dogs, an iguana (named Iggy) and 3 snakes (red tail boa California King and Chocolate Ball Python.)  Our son was a wannabe herpetologist in his teens.  But this story is about Ginger, the fifth dog we had adopted in our 41 years together.  This was November 2013. 

We had lost Tommy, our American Bulldog/Lab mix in February 2013, just a month shy of his 13th birthday.  Here it was, November, and I wasn’t ready yet to adopt another pet.  Tommy’s death was still painful and too recent . . . so I thought. 

Rose and I live in Florida.  It was a beautiful November day and we went to the Fall Festival at Lake Eola in Orlando.  At the entrance to the path that goes around the lake was New Beginning Pet Rescue.  Rose hasn’t met the pet rescue that fails to catch her interest.  So she beckons to me to “come here.”  She’s standing in front of a crate with the scraggliest little dog in it (weight then 17.3 lbs).  The crate’s labeled  “GINGER” and “Tibetan Terrier.”  And surrounding this crate are many other crates occupied by other dogs, all barking and howling.  Little Ginger looked up at us with an expression on her face like, “Please get me out of here!” So Rose picked her up, held her for a little bit and then passed her on to me.  I was smitten.  Ginger was going to be ours. 

We were naturally curious about her, so we had a DNA test done which indicated she was ½ Yorkie, ¼ Beagle and ¼ Rottweiler.  At first, she was very timid and naturally unsure of us and her surroundings.  She had conflicting paperwork which stated that her prior owner was in the military and had to give her up to a friend who only kept her for 2 weeks before giving her up to the rescue.  Her initial rabies records indicates a birthday of 8/5/2008.  Other paperwork dated July 2013, indicated her age at 24 months, which would put her year of birth in 2011, not 2008.  So, given her playful and affectionate nature, I’m pretty sure she’s closer to 9 years rather than 12 years old. 

Ginger’s behavior seems to bear out her DNA lineage.  She often exhibits the joyful behavior of a Beagle; she looks like a large Yorkie; and when somebody knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, she has the frighteningly deep and loud bark of a Rottweiler.  She also has the stocky stance of a Rottie, and when she decides she’s going to walk in a different direction, you’d best have control of her leash, especially when a rabbit makes an unexpected appearance in her field of vision.

Oh . . . and Ginger is now a not quite svelte 39.8 lbs.

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