A Trio of Animal Ambassadors — Koal, Princess & Binx

Thanks so much to Anna for sharing the adoption stories of Koal, Princess, and Binx. Welcome to all three of you to the OBOL Animal Ambassador family!

Koal was adopted at the Concord/Cabarrus Humane Society in Concord, North Carolina in 2016. He’s actually my first puppy. When I was searching for a home to buy in North Carolina, I specifically mentioned to the realtor that I wanted to adopt a dog so I needed a yard big enough for a dog to play.

Koal was adopted two months after I moved in. He LOVES being outside, going for walks, playing fetch, and lounging on the front porch next to his favorite humans on a nice warm spring day, and he especially loves when the neighbors come over for a visit (he loves attention). He’s five-years-old now, and I can’t imagine life without him. 


Princess joined our family in 2018. We didn’t get her at a humane society — my oldest brother was actually her previous owner. He has a wife and, at the time of having Princess, had five kids. Add in some more pets in the home, and the house was a bit chaotic for Princess’ gentle little soul. While loved, they knew she needed a better home that was better for. All it took was them mentioning that to us, and we instantly decided to take her in.

Now she’s still part of their family, and my nieces and nephews LOVE seeing her when they visit. She’s older than Koal (though we don’t know her exact age), and he’s very protective over her little brother, even though she’s smaller. Her favorite place is sleeping on my dad’s lap or on my pillow on my bed. While she doesn’t love fetch like her brother, Koal, she loves being outside, sitting on the porch and keeping an eye on the neighborhood. She’ll make sure to say hi to you when you walk by our house. 


Binx is my newest baby! He was adopted October 13, 2020. I have always had cats in my life, so after losing my childhood kitties (Sylvester in 2016 and Lita in 2020), I knew I needed another cat. The house didn’t feel completely full without a little meow being heard.

I adopted Binx (who was named Firebird at the time) from the Humane Society in Charlotte and I love him so much. He’s an all-black kitty with some specs of white fur on his chest/belly. While super energetic, he loves a good cuddle. He’s the sweetest and most fun little kitty who LOVES Koal and Princess (who have warmed up to him and love playing with him). And, yes, he’s named after the black cat “Binx” from Hocus Pocus!


Does your adopted dog or cat want to promote “adoption is the best option”?

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