Anti-Cruelty Campaign

OBOL raises public awareness about the plight of homeless animals. A current example of OBOL’s policy work is the "We Dream of Justice, Too" campaign. OBOL has flyersfor use by educators, animal shelters, and humane organizations that emphasize the importance of reporting animal abuse and neglect. It also available in Spanish.

Our goals are to:

  • Raise awareness that animal abuse and neglect is a crime
  • Encourage people to report animal abuse and neglect
  • Make people think twice before harming an animal

OBOL raises public awareness about the plight of homeless animals at pet expos and adoption events. We make presentations to schools, youth, and civic groups and organize a collection of pet comfort and care item for shelters.

Informally, OBOL advocates on behalf of animal welfare every day, by mobilizing the compassion and creativity of a growing army of volunteers that includes hundreds of school children and parents, civic clubs, faith-based groups, senior living facilities, and businesses.

Anti-Cruelty Campaign in Action

Devore Shelter refuses to give animals housed there comfort or aid items, even though OBOL will donate them at no cost.

OBOL Founder Eileen Smulson testifies that it is the only shelter in CA that does not allow volunteers. Devore also does not use I.D. description on the front of cages and instead places a big plastic number around the necks of animals to identify them.

OBOL protests Devore Shelter for their inhumane practices.
OBOL protests Devore Shelter for their inhumane practices.

As Senator, I have drafted several animal protection bills that were signed into law, including SB1500 that prevents neglected and injured animals from being returned to abusive owners. My firm belief is that all of us should protect homeless animals that have no voice. With appreciation for the ongoing work done by OBOL, Laura Marlowe, our shelters and Animal Control Agencies, I strongly support the "We Dream of Justice Too," the anti-cruelty campaign, and encourage you to display the poster at your facility.

- Senator Ted Lieu
California's 28th's District
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