Arbuckle Joins as Newest Animal Ambassador

Arbuckle, OBOL Animal Ambassador
2021 OBOL Animal Ambassador Photo Contest Winner

Arbuckle, we’re happy to have you as an OBOL Animal Ambassador! Thanks to Arbuckle’s family for sharing his adoption story with us.

This is Arbuckle. His 4 year adopt-iversary is coming up in a couple weeks, and I can’t believe how much better our lives are since he joined our family. We went to the animal shelter in Chatsworth, California, and I was so sad seeing all the sad dogs. I was in tears when I first saw him.

He was sharing a space with multiple small dogs. While the other dogs were jumping on the fence excited to see people, Arbuckle was wandering around the back of the cage, uninterested in any people or other dogs. He wasn’t even interested in meeting us.

We knew he was the one. He was labeled “antisocial,” and he still kind of is. But he loves us so much, and every day we are happy that we get to give him a loving home to feel safe in.

We play. We run. We even join him in his mid-day howls. He truly is our best friend.  

Would your adopted pet make a great Animal Ambassador like Arbuckle?

Contact Eileen by email or call (818) 402-6586, and we’ll feature your pet on our blog and our social media!

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