Welcome OBOL’s Newest Animal Ambassador, Arrow

Thanks so much to Arrow’s adopted family for translating his adoption story into English. Arrow, we’re happy to have you as our newest Animal Ambassador!

Hello, I am Arrow, the dog. My human adopted me from a rescue shelter eight years ago. 

OBOL Animal Ambassador Arrow with his human
Arrow, Good Dog

I was abandoned by my family who moved away but didn’t take me with them. Of course, I was devastated, had to find food and shelter… There was just not a lot of tail-wagging. 

I was sad at the shelter, but I was rescued by a man and his daughter. We became buddies almost immediately. He saved my life, and it’s my job to protect him and his family. 

At my forever home I go on a walk every morning. Dad throws me my raccoon toy and gives me an occasional treat. It’s quite a good life for an abandoned dog.

Does your adopted dog or cat want to promote “adoption is the best option”?

Become an OBOL Animal Ambassador today! Contact Eileen at (818) 402-6586, and we’ll feature your pet on our blog and our social media.

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