Welcome to Arthur, Animal Ambassador

Arthur, OBOL Animal Ambassador
2021 OBOL Animal Ambassador Photo Contest Winner

Thanks so much to Arthur’s dog mom Bev for sharing his adoption story. Arthur, we’re thrilled to have you as our newest OBOL Animal Ambassador!

Arthur was adopted 18 months ago from the Camarillo Shelter. We had lost both our basset hounds to old age, and after almost three years decided to get another dog.

I saw Arthur’s picture online and fell instantly in love with this little white ball of fur. He has brought so much joy to our lives.

Please help OBOL in the endless fight to save animals just like Arthur who may not find forever homes as quickly. There’s just nothing better than a dog!

(Note from the editor: We here at OBOL agree! Join our pack — become a member of our Continuing Comforter Circle.)

Does your adopted dog or cat want to promote “adoption is the best option”?

Become an OBOL Animal Ambassador today! Contact Eileen at (818) 402-6586, and we’ll feature your pet on our blog and our social media.

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