Cheers to You, Chowser

Chowser, OBOL Animal Ambassador

Thanks to Kristina Flores and Family for sharing the adoption story of their dog Chowser, who joins the ranks of OBOL Animal Ambassadors!

We adopted Chowser when he was only 8 weeks old from a family whose dog had five puppies. They told us Chowser loved family life–he liked to dance in the kitchen and watch TV cuddling under a blanket–just like one of the kids. Due to finances, the family couldn’t keep any of the puppies, so Chowser and his siblings needed to be adopted into good homes or sent to an animal shelter.

Now at 8 years old, Chowser resembles his Mom, but has long legs like his Dad. He is a great companion, sitting with our dad in the sun in the morning, napping with our parents, watching TV, running around the backyard, barking with his buddies next door.

Chowser loves chewing on his toy ducks and carries them with him everywhere. He loves to cuddle and enjoys a soft blanket. He’s the official greeter and the first to welcome you with a kiss. We love him.

Would your furbaby make a Pawsome Animal Ambassador like Chowser?

Contact Eileen at (818) 402-6586, and we’ll feature your pet on our blog and our social media!

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