Welcome, Jaxx, OBOL Animal Ambassador

Jaxx, OBOL Animal Ambassador

Thanks so much to Jaxx’s dog mom Janet for sharing her rescue story. Jaxx, we’re thrilled to have you as our newest OBOL Animal Ambassador!

Jaxx came from the streets of Mexico through Texas to North Carolina. He came to me when he was five months old, at one of my lowest points, so I always tell people he rescued and adopted me, and I’m his human. I don’t call Jaxx my dog — I call him my son, my family member, my saving grace. 

Jaxx is an American Bull Terrier, with a speckled red nose. He is the sweetest boy ever, and he is great with other dogs and cats as well. 

Jaxx has been medically deemed an Emotional Support Animal, which classifies him as a medical tool by federal law. People laugh and say, “No way can a pit bull be an emotional support dog! They’re so mean!” I just smile and say,

“That’s where you’re wrong: No bad dogs, only bad owners.”

I honestly don’t know where I would be without him and he without me. 

Jaxx, OBOL Animal Ambassador

Does your adopted furry friend want to promote “adoption is the best option”?

To submit your pet(s), please send a high resolution .jpg or .png file and at least 150 words about your furry friend(s). Call 818-402-6586 for more information.

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