Meet Miss Markham–OBOL’s Newest Animal Ambassador

OBOL Animal Ambassador Miss Markham

When chihuahua Miss Markham first came home with her pet mom Karen, she was skin and bones. She was two-and-a-half old and weighed only four-and-a-half pounds. Her ears were pinned back in fear, and her eyes were dull from a lack of joy.

Miss Markham on her first day in her new forever home

Now at 10-years-old, Miss Markham is a healthy six-and-a-half pounds and enjoys hiking across southern California. Her eyes are alert, her ears are perky and she is always ready for the next adventure.

Welcome, Miss Markham! We’re proud to have you in the ranks of over a dozen adopted pets who love spreading the word about animal adoption.

Miss Markham on one of her many hikes

Do you have an adopted pet who would make a great OBOL Animal Ambassador?

Send us an email to tell us your story, and we’ll feature your pet on our blog and social media channels. Plus, you’ll receive a certificate for helping promote animal adoption awareness!

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