Meet Muppet, Maple & Piggly–OBOL’s Newest Animal Ambassadors

Honorary Chair Larissa Wohl and her OBOL Animal Ambassadors Muppet, Maple & Piggly

Thanks so much to our Honorary Chair and Pet Expert on Hallmark’s Family and Home Larissa Wohl for sharing the adoption stories of her three pups Muppet, Maple and Piggly, the latest adopted pets to become OBOL’s Animal Ambassadors!

“Three little rescue babies on a mission to spread smiles around the world,” says Wohl.

Muppet and Maple were rescued through Hand in Paw Rescue in Monrovia, CA. Muppet was found wondering the streets of LA, hungry, filthy and ill. The little, 4-pound girl needed 30 teeth removed and has now grown into a spunky, outspoken lady who knows what she wants–and isn’t afraid to let her mommy know!

Maple is the scaredy cat of the family! She has a loud bark and uses it anytime someone comes around the house! Her little 5-pound wiggle butt is wary of new strangers but quickly warms up and wants to be best friends. Mommy Larissa still isn’t sure if Maple is actually a dog… or part sloth!!!

And Piggly, rescued through Saving K9 Lives Plus in Southern California, is our “special girl” with a special needs. She is an albino malti-poo! She has to be extra careful in the sun but LOVES to shower her mommy with kisses and get belly rubs as much as possible! 

Would your rescued pet want to promote “adoption is the best option”?

Become an OBOL Animal Ambassador today! Contact Eileen at (818) 402-6586, and we’ll feature your pet on our blog and our social media.

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