OBOL Weekly Roundup Nov 6th – Nov 12th

Nov 6th

10 year old Reed Slatoff created an outstanding 5th grade volunteer project for OBOL. Hear what he had to say!

Watch the video on Instagram here : https://www.instagram.com/p/CzRr9C8PnL7/?img_index=1

Nov 7th

From our Tj friends @dulcevidarescue

Introducing our NEW program: Street Pup Savers! 🏠🐶 Dear Dulce Vida Community, we are thrilled to share our latest initiative, Street Pup Savers – a heartfelt, community-driven program where compassionate individuals, dedicated animal advocates, and everyday heroes come together for one shared mission: TO SAVE THE LIVES OF ANIMALS.
Our focus is on the streets and We need YOUR support! 🙌 We are looking for volunteers in TJ who can support this program by feeding stray dogs in your neighborhood on a daily basis, as well as those who will carry food with them to feed stray dogs in need all the time. We will provide the food. DM US in interest!
​​Thank you #OperationBlanketsOfLove🐕🐈❤️
@obolpaws for providing the food we need to change the lives of these innocent souls surviving on the streets.

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