OBOL Weekly Roundup Oct 30th- Nov 5th

Oct 30th

From our friends at @5CircleRanch
Another huge thank you and hi-hooves to Brad at OperationBlanketsofLove.org for his recent gift of pigloos, blankets, and more! We cannot thank you enough, and the pigs are squealing with joy! Fostering such a large group of piggies is quite the task, and these amazing donations are a huge help!

All the girls love cuddling together in the pigloos, and in this wind, they’re extra thankful for them. Sweet Caroline, Maggie May, and Sherrie were so excited for their new pigloo that they couldn’t even wait for me to add the bedding!

All the blankets and towels are such a blessing in providing comfort when transporting the girls to and from their spays and especially during their recuperation. They love the comfort and coziness of them during their post spay r&r.

And, the mommas, Roxanne and Gloria, are especially grateful for the ex-pen. It has given them a safe, peaceful, and warm space to care for their babies indoors.
We are ever so grateful for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nov 2nd

From our friends at @kfar_saba_urban_farm Pls follow!
Got to see our favorite guy Brad of OperationBlanketsOfLove.org
@obolpaws. Brad and his wife Eileen help the rescuers rescue. They support thousands of rescue organizations with food, accessories, toys and supplies.

Nov 5th

From the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center….
Thanks so much to OperationBlanketsOfLove.org for the van load of donations!
All through the month of November we’ll be accepting blanket donations. We’re so grateful for the great start that we’ve been given. You can also donate kuranda beds.

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