OBOL Weekly Roundup Sept 12th- Sept 17th

Sept 14th

Many organizations, like @uclamobileclinic, visit our warehouse to pick up supplies to add to their relief efforts. In this case, these supplies helped the mobile clinic team service 80 clients a night. 

Sept 16th

From our friends at @lovealwayssanctuary
Just a huge thank you to #OperationBlanketsOfLove🦢❤️ @obolpaws for their consistent support to so many in need. As much as I would like to pretend like we have endless amounts of money, we just don’t and @obolpaws saves the day in so many different ways. Lilly and Rose love their big pool so much and spend endless hours yelling at me from it. 😂😂 Ren doesn’t know how he ever survived with out his super cool cat tree.

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