Pets of the Homeless & Struggling Pet Owners Serving in California

OBOL is one of the few organizations assisting the homeless that have pets.

The only way we do this is working with organization's  caseworkers. Since they do not have a budget for pet supplies they come to OBOL to get what their client needs for their pet(s).

When pets are allowed to stay with their loving, human companions, they stay out of shelters with high euthanasia rates. To aid this, OBOL donates food, blankets, pet beds, leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, pet clothes, and other critical supplies to homeless pet owners, low income seniors, and homebound people with pets.

No person should have their pets taken away because they can’t afford the necessary supplies for their pets’ survival. No pets should go hungry, be uncomfortable, or suffer.

OBOL is a service provider to LAHSA

We are one of the few organizations assisting the homeless by helping their pets. We only work with the caseworkers and they come to pick up what their clients need for their pets.

OBOL is a proud service provider to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

OBOL Helps Struggling Pet Owners


YOUR DONATIONS AT WORK! The LAHSA Homeless Engagement Team stopped by OBOL HQ to pick up pet food and supplies for the homeless population in LA.

Homeless individuals, families, disabled, mentally ill, veterans, seniors, and teens who live on the streets with their pets

Veterans who live with their pet(s)on the streets and all veterans with pets, including service dogs

Shelters that allow the homeless with their pets

OBOL Donates to Pet Pantries & Pet Food Banks

For the last several years, OBOL has been donating to several pet food banks and pet pantries throughout CA and Mexico for pet owners who cannot afford to buy these life-saving supplies.

The only way we can continue do this is through the generosity of our supporters, including many pet stores. We also accept financial donations, which go to operational costs, so we can continue and expand our reach and services.

If you are a caseworker and in need of any pet items, please call 818-402-6584.

Brad, Eileen and OBOL Ambassador Molly donating to the Santa Paula Pet Food Pantry with volunteer Lee

Pictured here: Brad, Eileen and OBOL Ambassador Molly donating to the Santa Paula Pet Food Pantry with volunteer Lee

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