Celebrating One Year in Her Forever Home

OBOL Animal Ambassador Sophie

December 19th marked our newest Animal Ambassador Sophie’s one year adoption anniversary. Thanks to Sophie’s adopted mom for sharing her adoption story with us!

After my Shiba Inu Papa passed away in November of 2019, I was ready to open my heart and home to another fur angel. I found Sophie on a site called The Rescued Dog. Her foster mom was worried that no one would be interested because she looked so sad in her pictures. After our first meeting I knew she was the one.

Now two years old, Sophie’s adopted family says she still plays like a puppy (even though we call her Kitty sometimes!) because she loves to rub up against their legs and the furniture in the house. Sophie also loves to take walks–and lets you know that she’s ready to go!

Sophie has been a blessing since my dad’s passing. She loved my dad and would pout when he would go away and was over the moon when he got back. She was unbelievably understanding of what was going on with my dad. We had hospice for him, and she just knew where to be and with whom. 

Happy Anniversary, Sophie!

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