Welcome to Spanky, OBOL Animal Ambassador

Spanky, OBOL Animal Ambassador

Thank you to cat mom Gia for sharing Spanky’s rescue story. We’re thrilled to have him as our newest OBOL Animal Ambassador!

Eighteen years ago, my sister and I decided to visit the Arvada Gold Rush Festival near our hometown in Colorado. My sister spied a sign reading, “Pet Adoptions This Way,” and nudged me in that direction.

“But Dad won’t let me bring another cat into the house. They already have two,” I protested. Still, she dragged me on.

The night before I’d had a dream about a big, white fluffy cat pacing back and forth inside an overturned 1950s plastic laundry basket with a tiny black kitten traipsing around the perimeter. When we walked up to Angels with Paws, there stood Haas–a giant white and black Maine Coon as big and as fluffy as I’d imagined. I knew he was for me.

“Would you consider adopting two?” asked the rescuer so kindly helping us. “He has a litter mate.” Another volunteer brought out a tiny, mewling six-week-old Spanky. My sister reached into her bag and pulled out my (giant Nokia) cell phone:

“Dad, Gia’s getting cats.” It was an announcement, not a request.

From that day forward, Spanky has been my faithful companion living with me on both coasts of the United States (and forgiving me for my months living abroad while he bunked up with my folks). He has snuggled by my side throughout my entire transition from teenager to adult. Every morning he chats up a storm while I heat up his wet food, and every night he tells me a bedtime story as I fall asleep with him wrapped in my arms. (What can I say? He’s talkative.) I know he cannot live forever, but I sort of believe he will.

Sadly, we lost then eighteen-year-old Haas back in 2014. Six months later we welcomed in Wamba, a Caliby with a penchant for love bites. Together we make a motley crew but a happy one.

Spanky Talking
Spanky tells a story to his cat mom Gia

Would your fur-ever pal make a great Animal Ambassador like Spanky?

To submit your pet(s), please send a high resolution .jpg or .png file and at least 150 words about your furry friend(s). Call 818-402-6586 for more information.

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