OBOL’s Spring Humane Education Success Stories

OBOL is proud to share our spring humane education success stories! We have been so busy lately bringing our Humane Education Learning Program (HELP) to students across Southern California. Over Memorial Day weekend, OBOL co-founder Eileen Smulson taught 35 teenagers, ages 13-18, at the Brandeis-Bardin Campus of American Jewish University. These kids were visiting from a variety of western states and left the presentation inspired to advocate for animal welfare in their home towns.

We also presented HELP to 38 adorable students at Children’s Corner Preschool, giving each of them a copy of our “How to Care for your Pet Pals” coloring workbooks (pictured below). The kids could hardly sit still from the excitement! We have given out over 8,000 of these booklets in the past year alone.

OBOL co-founder Eileen Smulson with students from Children’s Corner Preschool

With the support of donors like you, we can continue to bring these wonderful life lessons to students across the United States, like these students in New Orleans, Louisiana (pictured below). Their after school program Pet Palooza receive copies of OBOL’s workbook, and the students clearly enjoyed coloring and learning about ways they can help save the lives of homeless animals.

Are you a humane educator? OBOL will provide you copies of this workbook at no cost to you. Drop us a line for more information. We also provide copies to shelters so they may offer them to families with young children who are adopting animals from their facilities. Research shows that humane education helps reduce rates of violent crime. Help us keep these crucial programs alive. Donate today!

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