Meet Tyler, OBOL Animal Ambassador

Thank you to dog mom Pam for sharing Tyler’s rescue story. We’re thrilled to have him as our newest OBOL Animal Ambassador!

When Tyler was 6 years old, Tyler’s person was called to active military duty. Tyler was left with the soldier’s parents, who ran a daycare, where he was kept with the soldier’s other dog in an outdoor pen away from the children. When child services came to check on the daycare, they told the owners that the dogs had to go, and they took them to the city shelter.

When we adopted Tyler from the city shelter, he weighed only 13 pounds, had heartworms, fleas and an ear infection. Thankfully, he’s very healthy now. And, happily, his companion dog was also adopted by a very kind person. Tyler is the love of our lives. He was fearful at first, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly now. We feel so grateful that we were able to adopt such a wonderful pet and companion. Adoption is the only way to go!

Would your fur-ever pal make a great Animal Ambassador like Tyler?

To submit your pet(s), please send a high resolution .jpg or .png file and at least 150 words about your furry friend(s). Call 818-402-6586 for more information.

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