7 Tips for Pet Safety this Fourth of July!

Patriotic Corgie and Cat with American Flag

Independence Day – a time to celebrate! Sadly, more pets get lost on July 4th than any other day… even if they’re well trained. Loud noises from fireworks and firecrackers can frighten pets and cause them to try and escape. And when humans are relaxing, it’s easy for pets to get into places and things they shouldn’t. So here are 7 tips for pet safety this Fourth of July.

1. Don’t party with your pets!

Leave your fur-babies at home so they aren’t exposed to hazards such as unfamiliar crowds, hot BBQs, alcohol, toxic “people” foods, glow sticks, firecrackers/sparklers, and more.

2. Keep your pets inside.

Create a comfortable environment inside your house for them by giving them a pet bed or blanket, cool water and their favorite toy to play with.

Orange tabby cat in a white fluffy cat bed

3. Close all windows and doors.

Closing windows and doors reduces possible escape routes and lessen the noise of fireworks.

4. Make sure your pets have collars!

Have your name and phone number on the tag so you can be contacted if your pet gets out.

5. Always have a registered microchip.

Sometimes collars can come off, but microchips ensure your pets will be returned to you if Animal Services pick them up.

Happy dog with a collar and tags

6. Have a recent photo of your pets.

If your pets escape, you can easily circulate photos to the local community.

7. Be friendly with your neighbors!

If you’re staying home, offer to watch their animals or notify them if you see something concerning. If you’re going out, maybe ask them to do the same.

With these 7 tips for pet safety this Fourth of July, you can have some piece of mind while you celebrate. Now kickback and relax!

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Operation Blankets of Love!

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